Sleepless Wherever!

Sleepless Wherever!

Is it rush hour on your head?

If you don’t get some sleep, You’ll soon be dead.

I see you walking all day with blood-shot eyes.

You wait each minute for a big surprise.

Why waste all your time on a wild goose chase?

When you know what you need has been displaced.

Nonetheless, I wish you luck on your quest,

For the time being do get some slumber and some rest.


Mood Swings.

Mood Swings.

Hm!… Ben’s got mood swings again!

What ever he gets he’s sure to fling. 

Run, run as fast as you can… 

before the shit hits the fan!

Ben’s now laughing at his own joke.

Rolling his lungs out on the floor; 

trying so hard to hit the punchline…

like he’s taken an aircraft to never ever land.

Ben acts blue without a clue.

Loses his all, he gets so cuckoo,

there’s no way you can toddle away,

than to sit quiet & chew the bullet in dismay! 😦

A word to all the Bens – “Please spare others when u have your so called mood swings… Some of us just can’t take it!!

So Pulllleeessse!!!”

Foot in the mouth!

Foot in the mouth!

I’m waiting at the clinic fighting all the pain.
I just got one foot in my mouth again.
Was busy biting off my toenail,
when someone screamed my name…
Yes Sir! I shot back, at the mannish being.
That’s a lady, hushed the bell boy, rising up one brow. ^-o

Say your prayers.

Say your prayers.

Man struggles in vain with his load,
fails to reach out to the real abode.

Contaminated by the corpses of his past
unable to perceive his destined path.

He loses sight of the one who cares
Almighty God who hears his Prayers.

Break free from the cemetery of your hopelessness
taste and see Christ’s wholesomeness.

Trust in God, have no fear,
say a prayer, Coz he’s always near.

Home Sick


Turning back through life’s folder

I halt by my home to ponder…

Memories start creeping up my spine,

of happiness and love divine.


Mothers’ screeching voices were heard

all throughout the neighbourhood

trying to get their terrors indoor,

who hung on trees, trying hard to ignore.


Once home mom took custody.

After shower she got us ready to study,

Her cheeks very often would get murky

from kisses we shower without mercy…


The kitchen was a constant distraction,

the smell burdened our concentration,

but we knew that the only solution

was to wait patiently for the competition.


Dad’s home! We better focus,

we never know what awaits us.

Deep reading swiftly occurs,

he thinks his kids are big thinkers!


At dinner we settle at our seats.

Its the time to unwind and feel at ease.

We thank God for the food we eat

and praise Mom for the new recipe…


Its now time for some digestion,

We go wild with our imagination

Rock stars, thats who we are,

All three pick up our guitars…:))

Then begins our Happy Hour!


Miss my crazy – good – old childhood days….!

The Look – Reloaded


Walking like a crow

She thinks she’s Monroe

Sits on her chair

Like she’s sitting on a pram.

She’s such a crook!


When she’s barkin like a hound

Your heart begins to pound

She acts so cool

But she’s never been to school

Just take a look.


Eating like a bull

Her stomach’s always full

Yo mama in disguise

She loves her french fries.

She never cooks.

Wednesday’s Child


On Sundays he’s Bonny and Blithe;

His MP3’s on all day and night.

Monday morning he’s deaf and dumb;

He’ll sleep all day like a bum.

Tuesdays he’s such a grouch;

His fanny stuck to the couch.

He’s  a Wednesday’s child, he’s full of woe;

Wondering how to get up and go.

Thursdays he gets to the shower;

The only day he smells like a flower.

Friday is the time he fights;

And fly up high like a kite.

Saturday morning he smells like a fish;

At night he gets thrown out with dirty dish.