Home Sick


Turning back through life’s folder

I halt by my home to ponder…

Memories start creeping up my spine,

of happiness and love divine.


Mothers’ screeching voices were heard

all throughout the neighbourhood

trying to get their terrors indoor,

who hung on trees, trying hard to ignore.


Once home mom took custody.

After shower she got us ready to study,

Her cheeks very often would get murky

from kisses we shower without mercy…


The kitchen was a constant distraction,

the smell burdened our concentration,

but we knew that the only solution

was to wait patiently for the competition.


Dad’s home! We better focus,

we never know what awaits us.

Deep reading swiftly occurs,

he thinks his kids are big thinkers!


At dinner we settle at our seats.

Its the time to unwind and feel at ease.

We thank God for the food we eat

and praise Mom for the new recipe…


Its now time for some digestion,

We go wild with our imagination

Rock stars, thats who we are,

All three pick up our guitars…:))

Then begins our Happy Hour!


Miss my crazy – good – old childhood days….!


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