What is a man to the Lord of all creation? Who am I to the great I AM?

Typing has replaced writing even in schools now-a-days, I wonder why? Its so nice to write on paper! It’s been a week since I dumped all my diaries/journals into the garbage chute….upon request from my family members. 10 in all… That was not easy. I still feel a pang right now when I’m fumbling with the keyboard; also feeling pen-sick. I know I’ll soon get over it. Typing seems to be the only choice left to me right now that there is no excuse to be a hoarder. Most of the time, in my journals, I wrote to God. I always felt like He was ‘listening’ while I wrote to Him. I wrote about my loneliness, my friends,  my family, my love, my failures, my crushes, my fears, my feelings, my anxieties, about the fun I had with my friends, about the crazy things we did in college, my foolish poems… Everything…. I would then open my Bible and read and could literally be aware of His presence coz I felt the Word of God speak back to me… This feeling was just so amazing. Words can’t express. Especially in times of despair, I have felt His Awesome Presence. Sometimes it makes me wonder, What is a man to the Lord of all creation? Who am I to the great I AM?

Ps. The real ‘Vixen’ comes from the name of the gang I belonged to back in college…😉 just in case ur curious about the name! 😃


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