Home Alone

A bundle of nerves

Curled up on a chair

Home alone

My folks don’t care.

Creepy crawlers get my signals

They giggle with glee as they watch me wriggle

Home alone

It makes me mental.

Silence never felt so disturbing

Scary silhouettes start appearing

Home alone

It’s so nerve wrecking.

Oh my! Im all alone n its nine

Fear starts to crawl up my spine

Home alone

Wanna loudly cry.

The doorbell echoes n screeches away

I somehow make it through the hallway

Home alone

Haven’t peed all day…

The plot must be an acre

It keeps reminding me of that weird neighbour

Home alone

Could he be my predator?

Finally my folks make their way out of the garage

Imaginations stop their sabotage

All my terrors get camouflaged;

Until tomorrow when I’ll be caged –

Home alone, all over again…


My heel wont heal…

I wore high heels

Stamped on a peel

Slipped and squealed

And Now I’m on wheels.

It’s been weeks

Since I took a peek

Away from my feet

Now I’m stuck in sheets.

The Doc says it’s no big deal

DH says just get real

But the truth is My heel won’t heal…


The fear of being forgotten

A friendship that lasted for a year or two;

If only I could keep it up to you.

Our conversations had nowhere to go;

Coz we believed we were through.

Our hearts always longed to be listened to;

One more conversation;  just me and you.

I fear I am being affected – 

Athazagoraphobia… I bet you don’t get it…

Nothing’s more tiresome than to wait and catch the next wave.

Hope you won’t be too long before I reach the grave.




Sometimes we must leave, 
in order to arrive.
Sometimes we must go up, 
to know we belong on the ground.
Sometimes we bow, 
to know why we should stand.
Sometimes you have to be apart, 
to know you belong together.
Sometimes we need to see something small, 
to know what is great.
Sometimes to know what is right, 
we need to see what is wrong.
Because sometimes, 
you have to see, to believe.
- National Geographic


Decide to thrive

Thrive high

Wings open wide.

Learn to read

Read to learn

Live life better.

Do what you love

Love what you do

Show the best in you.

Push your limits

Unlimit your life

Confront your fears.

Overcome your inertia

Lest inertia overcome you

Just get started.

Tool Kit


A Bible, a chair,
some time in prayer.
Love, truth and faith,
in whatever state.
A humble heart,
generous hands.
Friends in Christ
to hold you tight.
The word of God
that cuts like a sword.
The Spirit of Christ,
with who you were baptized.

Have a blessed ‘Holy Week’!